Art Deco Bedroom Furniture: The Opulent Option

Do you want to display an eclectic type of stylish modernism and elegance in your home? Would you love to feel a comfort of your own oasis after battling the day’s tasking grinds? Then be soothed with the style of art deco.

Home Decor on a Budget – Save Money With an Interior Designer

Although many people still think of interior design services as a luxury that only the rich enjoy, the reality is that hiring an interior designer can be a good budgeting decision for anyone interested in changing their home decor. Interior designers can offer ideas to fit any budget, and they have access to a wide arrange of discounts and products that can save you even more money.

A Brass Lamp Adds Beauty To Your Nautical Home Decor

Whale fat was used as the main fuel for the brass lamp during the 1700′s, an era in which whales were hunted frequently. Because whale oil was so odorless and burned very cleanly and with no dark smoke, it became a very popular fuel. The traditional candle before this era was made from wax and animal lard. The astounding lack of odor in many candles oftentimes made up for the fact they burned with a darker cloud of smoke. Higher quality candles, such as beeswax, were reserved for those who could afford it, and burned with a pleasant smell. Beeswax candles, when compared to animal lard candles, burned very clear.

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