Girls Bedroom Designs

Girl’s Bedroom Designs

It seems that precious little princesses turn into spunky teens in the blink of an eye, so when you are designing a bedroom for your daughter try to keep this fact in the back of your mind. The following are some of the main considerations in decorating a bedroom for any young girl.

Choose an Appropriate Colour Palette
All children can come up with a few favourite colours, so don’t forget to ask your little one what colours she would like to use in her space. Remember that there are no ugly colours, just bad colour combinations. Take your child’s ideas and then think about how they should be used in the room. Darker colours may be best used on accessories and accents while lighter hues can cover the walls.
Use Sensible Furniture
While an adorable castle bed might fit into your current theme, before you know it your little girl would rather sleep on the floor than on a bed fit for a baby. It is always advisable to get furniture that grows with your child instead of specialty pieces that constantly need to be replaced. In answer to this growing trend, there are many cribs on the market that can convert into a single and then later full-sized bed as your child grows.
Design a Space that can be shared With Friends
Young girls love to host sleepovers and after school hang out sessions. Designing a space that is comfortable for her closest friends to join her for an emergency huddle will show her that you put some serious thought into her needs.
Don’t Forget Storage
Girls accumulate lots of stuff. From clothes to shoes to toys, books and games, young girls need a lot of space to store their things. Take a good look at the things she currently has and adapt the existing storage to suit her needs. You can also add modular storage pieces so the space can be expanded as necessary.
Homework Area
All children need to have a comfortable place to do their homework. A couple of bookshelves for school books and novels can be placed next to a child’s desk to create an instant homework station. Remember to provide enough lighting so that her eyes aren’t strained from trying to finish assignments in the dark.
A little planning can go a long way when designing a girl’s bedroom. Think of the space as a blank canvas and then assign space according to the activities that are likely to take place in the room. Add a colour, pattern and texture and you can create a bedroom fit for a princess, but with room to grow into a queen.
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