Luxury Bedroom Decor Tips

You don’t have to be a design fundi to turn your bedroom into a comfortable, yet stylish retreat. By simply adding a couple of antiques or custom-made handcrafted furniture, your bedroom can evolve into something quite special.

Classic, rare wood antiques are not only visually appealing they are texturally exciting as well. They imbue the space with rich timelessness and connect us to a glorious past when furniture was carefully and painstakingly handcrafted to create a work of art.

Shabby Chic

Design self-contained spaces which resonate with the past. Mix and match antique tables and chairs with contemporary handmade pieces and genuine leather home accessories. Complement the space with old family photographs, printed in sepia and treasured collectibles from all over the world and you’ll have created the popular ‘shabby chic’ style.


If you’re a minimalist and are seduced by space reduced to its essential elements, then simply select furniture and accessories which echo the definitive Japanese traditional design. Contemporary, handcrafted furniture, with strong clean lines, will enhance the simplicity. Metro nestling tables in ebony or Shikari side tables with matching folding benches in polished Burmese teak are just the thing.

Art Deco

If the elegant, decorative glamour of art deco is your chosen style, then a made-to-order zebra skin ottoman will be the perfect focal point. Add a Portobello multi mirror, with antiqued panels, a two-tier coffee table made from ebony with an inlay of faux shagreen and throw in a duo of tub chairs, covered in linen ‘novasuede’. Personalise the room with a collection of colourful prints, snugly showcased in a large Havana leather triple hanging frame.


If the comfortable, casually elegant country style is what you’re after, then select sturdy, practical furniture and dress the room in colourful textiles and fanciful accessories. Go for a hardwood square leg table and comfortable leather club chairs and then bring in the robust reds, lavenders, aubergines and deep azure blues with throws and cushions.

Unique Storage Furniture

Adequate and attractive storage space is always an essential addition to any style of bedroom. Fortunately storage space need not be confined to traditional shelving and cupboards. We’ve listed a few suggestions for alternative, yet stylish, storage:

  • Beautifully designed and finished shikari wall shelves with drawers, designed to lean against a wall.
  • Havana leather 3 drawer side tables comprising solid wooden frames covered in leather with a unique antique finish.
  • Carefully restored antique camphor ‘treasure’ chests.
  • Metro storage ottomans, with drawers on the side, made from reclaimed Burmese teak and upholstered in velvet.
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