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Stylish home office furniture doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice functionality.  Since we spend many hours of the week in our home office, we want it to be appealing to our eyes, comfortable and of course functional.

Choosing a desk for your needs should be at the top of your list.  Do you need built in drawers for storage.  How much space do you need to spread out, or do you need just enough room to house a laptop.  Is there room for a lamp, are there grommets to house and hide the pesky all but necessary cords in your home office.

From there you’ll want to consider seating for your home office.  Is it just you or do you need extra seating for frequent visitors.  It goes without saying a comfortable desk chair is a must.  You may also want to add a comfortable cozy lounge chair for catching up on required reading.

Bookshelves are also a great addition in your home office.  Whether it be for housing books, family photos, treasured trinkets or to add stylish decor.  Maybe your printer will find a home on your bookshelf .  Otherwise you might want to consider the addition of a printer cart or file cabinet, that can also help organize and hide paper and other office necessities.

You’ll also want to think about what lighting you’ll need in your home office.  Do you have a window for natural light. Possibly an attractive floor lamp next to that comfortable chair mentioned earlier.  Task lighting needs to be considered as well.  With so many styles and choices available today you don’t always have to go with the typical desk lamp.

Summing it all up you’ll also want to add art work, accents and color.  We here at hope you’ll take the time to browse our website for everything you’ll need to decorate your home office.