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Sometimes, in fact most times we treat our guests better than we treat ourselves.  Think about when you have guests  to visit, you freshen or replace the bedding, remove the clutter, dust and clean your guest room.

However in our own bedroom that is supposed to be our sanctuary at the end of a long day, we often have clutter, laundry, work materials and an unmade bed.

Here are some ideas to convert your bedroom back into your sanctuary.  First of all remove the clutter, put the laundry away.  Try not to have work related materials in your bedroom, if it is a necessity have a desk or filing cabinet to hide it away when it is time for rest and relaxation.  Create a corner nook in your bedroom with a comfortable chair and pretty lamp for reading, meditating or just relaxing.

It is also nice to change your bedding seasonally, cooler and brighter for spring and summer, warmer and cozier for fall and winter.  Furthermore add texture to your bedroom with pillows of different shapes, sizes, textures and coordinating colors.  You can also change out the art work for the seasons maybe a lovely picture with birds and flowers for spring and summer, and fall or winter landscapes for the cooler months.  Different throws and blankets are an easy change in your bedroom seasonally as well.

Here at in our bedroom section, we are sure you will enjoy your shopping experience, and will find all your bedroom needs to create your sanctuary. Feel free to contact with any questions at all.  And as always shipping is free on orders over $49.00!