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Dining room spaces are commonly neglected.  Many times our dining room table spaces turn into catch all’s for paying bills, art projects and homework assignments.  When really the dining room should be the hub of a home where we linger over meals with our family and close friends.

So lets get to some wall decorating ideas for dining rooms.

Mirrors are always a good addition in any room including the dining room, as they reflect light from different angles throughout the day and evening, creating a nice glow while making the space seem larger on top of it.

Consider wall paper that can really make your dining room pop.  You can go from ornate for ambiance, minimalistic for a more modern feel or even farm house rustic with a flowery more cozy feel.  Don’t be afraid to go bold you can still add complimentary art work over the wallpaper.

You may also want to think about texture for wall decorating ideas for dining rooms, such as macrame  hangings or a tapestry that will really add a nice texture to your room with the added bonus of helping with acoustics.

When thinking about paint colors you might opt for a monochromatic look using the different shadings of one color palette.  On the other hand you may choose to make a bold statement with one really bright or rich color which makes meals with family and friends very inviting. Anything goes!

Now lets go back to the more traditional artwork.  The best way to choose your artwork is looking at what you already have in your dining room and the feel and vibe of it.  For example, if your space has an industrial feel that is the type of artwork you want to choose.  Maybe a piece that has the feel of concrete or a metal inspired piece to pull the industrial design of the room together and complete the space.  Make sure your wall decorating ideas for dining rooms brings some visual appeal.  Such as a landscape canvas that can transport you to one of your favorite vacation spots.  Another idea is to paint the wall your artwork will hang on a dark color to add a dramatic effect.

A totally different way to go is to create a display wall, weather it be shelving or large cabinets with glass doors to show off all your treasured serving pieces, dishes, vases and so much more.

In conclusion regarding wall decorating ideas for dining rooms don’t neglect this space in your home any longer.  Instead turn it into one of the most popular rooms in your home, bringing your family and friends together having good food conversations and laughs, creating truly treasured memories.

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